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Brief introduction of world badminton tounament

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World badminton tounament is international badminton federation is in afterwards soup, blame after cup contest, one kind when to get used to world badminton motion sends the need that postpone increasingly and establish is the badminton tounament of agonistic project with individual individual event.

1934, international badminton federation holds water in England, it is the first cosmopolitan badminton organization. 1978, world badminton federation holds water. Before two organizations are combined, they had held two severally each other consider as cosmopolitan badminton individual match, namely international feather couplet was mixed 1977 1980, and world feather couplet was mixed 1978 1979. 1981, two internationally badminton organization announces combination, the name still is international badminton federation. In federation (the member state end June 1996, area is 124) on negotiate a decision, biennially holds contest of world badminton individual event, namely tounament of world badminton individual event (Individual World Championships) , continue a number before organization of two international badminton. Championship contest of individual event of badminton of the 3rd world was held formally in Danish capital Copenhagen 1983. This match has 5 individual competitions only, namely doubles of singles of male and female, men and women and in the mixed doubles. The champion of all projects will win gold, runner-up gets silver medal, the lose person of semifinals gets bronze medal.

Badminton of world of decision of international feather couplet is individual 1988 tounament and new graceful cup surpasses the Su Di that establish to be held together at the same time. International feather couplet is ranked according to the world at that time, international feather couplet invites before 16 in every project (right) the athlete plays the game directly. Every member state of international feather couplet and area can be in every project the athlete that sign up must not exceed 4 (to) .

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