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The organization of the match and the method that decide the position

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One, match project

Badminton match project has male group, woman party, men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles and in the mixed doubles.

About team game means of commonly used a few kinds of matches introduces as follows:

(one) 3 make: Ginseng of every team 2-4 increases the competition, two list are hit, a pair of doubles (can hold concurrently by the men's singles) , have 3 competitions in all. The field foreword of the match is: The first singles, the 2nd doubles, the 3rd singles.

(2) 5 make: Ginseng of every team 4-6 increases the competition, 3 list are hit, two pairs of doubles (can hold concurrently by the men's singles) , have 5 competitions in all. Match field foreword sees the watch lists (watch 1, 2) :

Express 1

Showing number just a little 345

Singles of doubles of doubles of project singles singles

Express 2

Showing number just a little 345

Doubles of doubles of singles of project singles singles

(3) mixture dual meet: Man project and female subproject can undertake alternately. Discuss a decision by both sides orderly than competition ground is counted and coming on the stage, it is multi-purpose the match side Yu Shuang.

2, the constituent method of the match

The method with badminton commonly used match is knockout, round robin and grading are surpassed (like the first phase in group round robin, the 2nd phase is the same as place team final each groups) . Here, only right the regulation such as the position that international feather couplet concerns seminal team member in the ballot method about badminton match knockout and bye position is made introduce the introduction and explanation.

(one) " seed " the regulation of the position and ballot method

"Seed " ballot measure and should smoke the place that take to want to accord with following regulation:

1. If have two " seed " , the 1st date and the 2nd " seed " the coping that enters on half area respectively with ballot measure and the bottom of below half area.

2. If have 4 " seed " , the 1st date and the 2nd " seed " locate by afore-mentioned method, the 3rd mixes the 4th " seed " divide with ballot measure

What do not enter the coping of area of the 2nd 1/4 and area of the 3rd 1/4 is bottom.

3. If have 8 " seed " , the 1st, 2, 3, 4 " seed " press afore-mentioned ballot measure carry, other " seed " enter respectively with ballot measure not " seed " inside each 1/8 areas: The person that belong to on half area is in the coping of 1/8 area, follower half area person the bottom in 1/8 area. Congeneric two of an unit " seed " , part of one's job is not smoked into two half area inside; Congeneric if an unit has 3 or 4 " seed " , part of one's job does not take the 1/4 area that differs into each inside. Divide " seed " outside, congeneric the other participant of an unit also answers according to afore-mentioned spirit, reasonable and even ground distributings in different 1/2 area, 1/4 area, 1/8 area. Badminton match application form should press the ordinal fill in a form and submit it to the leadership of athlete technology level. When ballot, should smoke first the 1st, 2 athletes enter different 1/2 area respectively, smoke again the 3rd, 4 motion are entered respectively not 1, the area of additionally two 1/4 of 2 athletes, if have more athletes, the rest may be deduced by analogy, specific order is arranged see a table 3.

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