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R & F participating owners of the hero is about to debut countdown Badminton
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Since November 25, 2010 R & F owners National Badminton Open the date of registration, registration on-site are booming. To Dec. 12 enrollment deadline, the Tianjin stadium group were more than 500 players entered the competition, a record number of applicants Badminton community the most. Competed in this event the players, both exudes youthful vigor teenagers, there are some, although over sixties but still hale and hearty old man. Tianjin R & F City from Aunt Xu has over fifty, and usually to love playing badminton, is a die-hard fans of feathers, that R & F Properties organized the event, let her husband accompanied her to come to registration. Xu Boyle said: "Although I am a large majority, but started playing badminton when he was young and had been playing a short time to myself, young people in general may not be my opponent." Elderly competed, this sport infection Registration on-site staff and owners of many of the R & F about the incident, we have said to the old man to learn, to promote sportsmanship in the end. A couple are with their own children just to come to school enrollment soon, they said taking part, let the children's awareness of sports and fitness from childhood to his future growth is very favorable. Application of these tidbits only as a silhouette of the scene, where people touched by both stories, there are interesting anecdotes. In those days, the surging crowd, lively scene is most memorable memories. Many people from strangers to friends, in this chance encounter in establishing a deep friendship, they said really really thank R & F, to provide them with the opportunity to meet another acquaintance. It is reported that owners of the National Badminton Open 2010 R & F, 18 this month officially launched in the country, Tianjin stadium to officially start the 19th. Will definitely be waiting for more exciting story to share with us, let us wait and see!