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Lin Dan of China Open Badminton Championships to retire in the "drastic change
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Tired! This is the country most feather players at the moment the real state. Games will be fought in China, Zheng Chen has not yet faded Open badminton stadium, everyone's face is filled with fatigue. First Yu Yang / Wang Xiao Li to retire because of injury, and yesterday's men's 1 / 4 final, Lin Dan also retired from the race out. Stand and fight the "headliner" Cai Yun / Fu Haifeng, a serious decline in the physical, within 10 days a third consecutive defeat in the Korean composite Cheng Cheng / Lee Yong-dae of the photographed. Asian Games achievements Grand Slam dominance of lindane popularity overwhelmed. China Badminton Open fought for the rank he does not seem too many demands, his goal was simply to accumulate some points. In the latest in the world rankings, lindane has fallen to 7, and his final points in the annual rankings is only the first 13. According to the provisions of BWF Super Series points to the top 8 players invited to January 5, 2011 to 9 in the new China Taiwan Taipei at the annual finals. Yesterday's 1 / 4 finals opponent is the Young Lin Chen Long. Not lost to foreign athletes, which is set for each team to their goal, but the face of their own people, the results are not so important. Lin Dan made the final decision to retire on the grounds that injury. Lindane suddenly retire, so to the scene to prepare the audience to see the very dissatisfied with their style, they cried to "refund." Chen Jin, Bao Chunlai, Du Pengyu advance hand in hand with the Chen Long Top 4 singles. Singles 1 / 4 final, Jiang Yan Jiao prodigy 2:1 pull Lectra Thailand Bolzano, 2-0 victory over King fitness Xian Yan Shu Pei Korean players, and Wang Xin, Wang Yi Han swept the singles with 4 strong. Said not enemies would meet somehow, words used in Cai Yun / Fu Haifeng and Cheng Cheng / Lee in the body have been better. In yesterday's doubles 1 / 4 final, two pairs of combined experience again. This is the second Asian Games team event, single match, just 10 days time, the third meeting. 1:2, the headliner for the third time Chilebaizhang. Serious decline in physical fitness, so frankly in the second game in two has to give up. They were too tired, Cai Yun has 30 years of age, and continuous physical battle as a young man can not be as timely recovery.