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Feather ball daughter is odd first days: The view on Chinese team wall " black y
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Beijing time on August 9, match of badminton of Beijing Olympic Games will pull open heavy curtain 2008. In female only competition, although the seeded player is in first days of bye, but match of a few weighty still lets head annulus match there is no lack of wonderful, especially 姵 of leaf of young general of Chinese Hong Kong delays a Halimu of England famous general and pair of Korean Quan Zaijuan to meet polish player head-on, have a hotspot quite more to the Chinese team that be an onlooker.

Foliaceous 姵 delays VS Ha Limu

Regard Chinese Hong Kong as the star of the hope of the team, "Black younger sister " foliaceous 姵 delays one of a dark horse that are considered as current Olympic Games to have latent capacity most, breath out an Asia Game to wash out champion of Athenian Olympic Games in 6 years many especially after Zhang Ning, foliaceous 姵 is delayed there had been in self-confident heart respect very big rise. Enter 8 years, this young general of 21 years old found a sense on the arena in ball of Quan Yingyu wool again, used 43 minutes merely, she with 2 than 0 conquer Xie Xingfang of player of number one of China of world rank first, and the attack that turns besides woman male has power more, on the processing of the technology before the net and crucial ball foliaceous 姵 is delayed also moving toward maturity gradually.

Although be to attend the Olympic Games first, but the first match still is delayed to foliaceous 姵 posed a not little difficult problem, because her adversary England veteran breaths out the generation that benefit Mu also is by no means aimlessly, on Athenian Olympic Games, breathed out benefit Mu to act part of a dark horse just about, beat gain the championship at that time the Ma Erting of Danish famous general with very loud voice, explode an one big an unexpected winner. Nevertheless, as the addition of the age, ha Limu glides somewhat in condition of nearly two years, but the rich experience that she has and face however just foliaceous 姵 delays place to be deficient in adjust. One is the old a dark horse of previous term or session, a newly emerging force that is nowadays, although two people are having age difference of 12 years old, but from actor inferior position comparative analysis looks, bilateral everybody holds without absolutely triumph. Two a dark horse encounter after all who can win out, this is destined will be one is full of the dialog that expect.

Quan Zaijuan VS Augustine

Be in the Athens 4 years ago early, quan Zaijuan is regarded to be Korea line is the most promising the sportswoman that seizes a card, but kill suddenly give a little known Zheng Shaojie, hit her however unaware, zheng Shaojie also Cong Mou is planted was to help Chinese team gain the championship later on degree clear away road. After Athens passes, serious injury ever let Quan Zaijuan drop into trough for a time, 6 years, quan Zaijuan begins to reappear stage by stage, but condition is not very good all the time, and till 7 years hind, quan Zaijuan just surpasses geometric ratio contest to improve somewhat through Hong Kong, also be to be climbed quickly on world rank rise, at present she remains the rank in Korea player highest. Although congenital requirement is general, but the Quan Zaijuan in the match is interest of pliable but strong however dye-in-the-wood, this just is to make Chinese daughter odd compare a kind when headache to make a way. Under photograph comparing, the Augustine that comes from Poland is opposite very hard almost one elder sister forms this Korea minatory, accordingly, besides wanting to take care match result of Quan Zaijuan, more important still is the condition that observes her, once she can search afresh at the outset summit summit condition, so she will is opposite in the match henceforth necessarily Chinese team constitutes huge menace.
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