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Li Yongbo says national feather condition is close friends treat condition only
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The Athenian Olympic Games 4 years ago, chinese feather team carried off 3 in 5 gold, and fight in door mouth nowadays, chinese team goes further do one's best. To this, total coach Li Yongbo expresses at present Chinese team member people condition is close friends at 4 years before, player people can resemble each match Olympic Games final be being treated seriously in that way.

"If you want to win gold, so autograph watch is right for you with respect to meaning of it doesn't matter, because you must be gotten,beat all rival, " the say when Li Yongbo is accepting Chinese media to interview, "At present condition should compare our team member last time (Olympic Games) good, and because be advocate fight, we also feel very comfortable. We also feel very comfortable..

The Sydney 8 years ago, chinese team won medal of 4 gold nugget, and harvested 3 only in Athens. On Beijing Olympic Games, the target of Chinese team is at least 3, strive for undertake the whole thing. At the appointed time, the feather fan that will have thousands of gathers in gymnasium of Beijing industry university, cheer for Chinese army group. At present Chinese team blast in have Lin Dan of first of odd world of male and female and Xie Xingfang, and Zhang Ning of the female odd champion that defend crown.

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