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Of Olympic Games 1 1: Lin Dan and contented humble Ke Gang and soft summit summi
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2008 Beijing Olympic Games, lin Dan is 25 years old, tao Fei overcomes 27 years old, two people are in the gold age of athletic career. In the Lin Dan on the playground imposing manner is threatening, and contented humble gram is good at " " of 39 batches of hoisting jack. These two world men feather the zenithal ace of altar, one will be performed in Beijing firm with soft summit summit argue!

Lin Dan, the number one brunt of team of Chinese man feather. At the same time he as the soldier also reached temperamental area of the soldier on field: Go all out in work, volition, power, these terms that describe a soldier are Lin Dan the true portraiture in the match. Especially he wins every time backward the movement of full-court audience Jing Junli, it is the classical instant in becoming heart of myriad China fan more! Feral smash the ball, temerarious fish jumps save, lin Dan's match won't lack passion forever! Fan people give him nickname of a canorous: "Super red " !

Well-known, lin Dan is episcopal experienced Li Yongbo most like the player with rely heavily on sb's service. Enter 2008, because " caresses excessive " ,perhaps be, lin Dan came out outside attendant infield a few disharmonious sound. The Olympic Games one every day draw near, because pressure passes,we are willing to believe these small episode more is Lin Dan only big and made impropriety abreacts. Time pours Olympic Games of Athens of fall back on, the Lin Dan that is expressed very big hope at that time is in a group the first round to go out with respect to the accident bureau; Final of many haing Asia Game is more Tao Fei is defeated to overcome in direct dialog, of important contest " chronic low fan " make people right foreground of his Beijing Olympic Games became much one is anxious. Lin Dan's ability is beyond question, want him to be able to be placed only state of mind, produce the specialty that oneself attack, overcome too actuation weakness, male single gold is being seized again after thing of Chinese feather team lies between 8 years is not to be impossible...

In all fairness, the body condition that Tao Fei overcomes is not conspicuous, but he is to use brain to play a ball game the outstanding delegate of the type. His technology is comprehensive, present on was full of creativity and imagination, the spherule technology before the net and backhand " Jing world is patted " it is by superb more. The position that is in China with the ping-pong is same, badminton is Indonesian country ball. The gold of 5 Olympic Gameses that wins on Indonesian mission history comes from project of ball of Yu Yu wool entirely. Regard the male single of Athenian Olympic Games as champion, the biggest rival that Tao Fei overcame nature to become Lin Dan to go up in current Olympic Games.

alleged the road to happiness full of hardships, there is a message to call Tao Fei the gram before this do not have Olympic Games of predestined relationship Beijing due to illness likely, but proof of after the event is false alarm only. Contented humble gram is a player that is good at playing a ball game with brain not only, it is a contest player more, often the more he can exceed crucial game more horizontal play. He or athlete of male single of world feather altar is at present medium exclusive contest of Olympic Games of a collect, Asia Game, world bright and beautiful, Shangmusi cup champion the vole player at a suit.
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