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Li Yongbo: Condition of 19 team member all first-rate drill team very be at ease
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Li Yongbo of total coach of Chinese feather team is in Beijing industry university 7 days when badminton house accepts a reporter to interview, express: "The state of 19 team member that enters the Olympic Games is adjusted first-rately, this invites coach group very be at ease. This invites coach group very be at ease..

7 days of evening, chinese feather team comes to badminton of Beijing industry university the training before the house has competition, 6 days because of attending torch relay " absent " the Li Yongbo of training also one face shows body place easily " superintend and director is versed in " .

Li Yongbo says, in 19 team member that join Beijing Olympic Games, 10 Ceng Can had added the Olympic Games, can say this current team is a model " new old union " . Since this paragraph of time, on the foundation that analyses adversary case, team member people undertook centralized orderly training; In addition, be aimed at team member people the phenomenon of easy mood insecurity before the contest, drill team also undertakes the thought arouses for many times. At present all team member adjusted a better position, everybody's state of mind very loosen, this pair is about to attend the Olympic Games it is very advantageous for them.

The reporter sees in training spot, team member people appear very relaxed, two pairs of male double players play the punching ball before having a net on field for a time even " game " .

Li Yongbo expresses, in advocate fight, each team member are approaching champion to go, he believes team member people the exam paper that can give in a satisfaction to drill team and Chinese audience.

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