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Wang Wen teachs: China seizes hard Li Zongwei of gold is number one adversary
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Chinese feather team is garrisoned of Olympic Games village the following day, the reporter is interviewed as agreed upon. He tells a reporter, chinese team is in the seizes gold road on current Olympic Games will very hard. Among them the number one strong opponent that Li Zongwei of Malaysia famous general will be player of Chinese male single.

The drive of king culture and education that takes in front of the reporter is hale and hearty, optimistic and conversable, how to look also unlike an old person of 75 years old. He says because this holds to,this is physical strength, mental take exercise. Physical strength takes exercise is not shuttlecock, however " sweep a driveway " , see the reporter indissolubles, he is laughing to say, take a walk namely. Mental taking exercise is dozen of mahjong. He says, hit actually mahjong and play bridge to be able to take exercise mental, he also can play bridge, but prefer to hit mahjong.

Be famous in the coach of international feather altar and expert as, wang Wen teachs very serious ground to tell a reporter, chinese player goes up in current Olympic Games gold is bad to take, prime cause is each country takes the Olympic Games seriously, increase investment, make thereby the level of a few adversary rises very fast. He says, although Tao Fei overcomes technical level to still be in, but because training capacity is insufficient, his speed came down, this makes the number one adversary that he is Chinese player no longer. Those who replace him is Li Zongwei of Malaysia famous general, chinese players should encounter the caution when him to answer in the match. The Piao Chenghuan of Korea also cannot small inspect. In two double to mixing players of Chinese, king culture and education is most familiar to tall 崚 , he says, although the reason as a result of the age, the aggression of tall 崚 and smash might some drop, but she serves firm, and state of mind is good, this will help she and partner Zheng wave there is good play in the match. In female sheet, zhang Ning, Xie Xingfang is very fierce, but Lan Ye of young general Lu has an opportunity, her technology comprehensive, flexibility is good, can handle the ball before the net very much. The advantage still is had before Chinese daughter is binocular, indonesian nevertheless combination Naxier / Malisa progresses very fast. Theory rise, china male double it is a the competition that faces in 5 projects is most intense, come from Malaysia, Indonesian the actual strength that waits for adversary with Korea is very strong.

King culture and education expresses, athletes are guided in what Li Yongbo reachs its drill team below, regular meeting strives good achievement.

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