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Feather bright and beautiful contest makes ball life laurel of 4 interrogation m
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On August 19, world badminton tounament ended in Malaysia capital kuala lumpur 2007. Lin Danyong seizes male single laurel bully gas anabiosises, happy event of young general Zhu Lin obtains female Chan Guanjun to make a person glad, yang Wei / Zhang Jiewen female pair of actual strength that picked gold to prove Chinese feather ball to go up in this one individual event again; But male the double, awkwardness that mixes double cherish to be defeated meets defeat, zhang Ning, Xie Xingfang the gives bureau criterion to expose an army group of Chinese feather ball to exist ahead of schedule conceal crisis of two famous generals.

The integral expression of army group of China of bright and beautiful contest can use 07 balls age only " passing " come assess.

Male single: Does Lin Dan gold contain Troy to there is many sufficient?

Lose from much Ha Yayun at old rival Tao Fei is overcome after be being patted, world feather altar Lin Dan of the first person for a time state is small fan, often getting the better of a general of invincible to lose a ball before is news no longer.

07 worlds bright and beautiful contest is super gold of red encroach on, made compatriots new see this passion with an altar long-unseen ace and elegant demeanour, but sound of a kind of doubt also nots allow to ignore: "Super red " does gold contain Troy after all to there is many sufficient?

In semifinals, adversary Bao Chun will appeared to always be not cast off " fear Lin Qing writtening guarantee " , and Lin Dan captures Bao Chun to come just about weakness of this one psychology, the cent with adversary is pulled open to differ with countering impact strong in stronger time.

Crossed Xiaobao this closes, buddhist nun of finals adversary all alone more be nothing difficult. Although Suo Ni's level is some closer year it is certain to will have rise, but with photograph of ace of world feather ball is compared, ball wind slants soft slant soft Bao Chun will beat him to have bigger hold, be what is more,the rather that more kill in order to attack, of speed be good at " super red " ?

But even if is such, lin Dan is in the engage in a battle with Suo Ni also from time to tome careless mistake, nearly is overtaken by this tenacious adversary directly, we should like to ask, if not be Tao Fei,the famous general such as gram, Li Chongwei goes out prematurely bureau, winning process of Lin Dan can so successful?

Female sheet: Is winning clear of bright red beautiful jade shown female a temporary shortage?

Young general Zhu Lin beats Wang Chen to hold a world bright and beautiful in both hands to surpass female Chan Guanjun, this is in Xie Xingfang, Zhang Ning two big female feather " leading light " after confused sift horse, chinese daughter feather unexpected results, but the happy event of this one accident however clear is shown female the temporary shortage of a talent structural frame.

Well-known, 08 Olympic Gameses female feather gain the championship " double insurance " blame piece, Xie Er general cannot, and after 04 Athens Olympic Games, the 2 form with also will maintain better. Nevertheless, enter after 2006, zhang Ning, Xie Xingfang begins on international competition ground downhill, be delayed to beat by Wang Chen of player of former nation group, Xiepei not only, meilindikesi also can break even little known Dutch meet piece deeply record...
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