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National feather starlight is bleak reveal series problem excessive build a star
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Banner finish is turned over dish, crucial ball always is error. On contest of world bright and beautiful. Such occasion happens often in the match of Chinese player.

Yesterday, in female odd semifinal, it is Chinese female sheet all the time " calm Nereus needle " Zhang Ning, be in the 2nd dish with 11 fall than 4 lead cases, actually by adversary with 21 than 15 changeover, final play away the match.

Here before today in final of male double 1/4, cai 赟 / Fu Haifeng is prevenient get the better of a dish, be in decide the issue of the battle dish with 18 than 14 when preceding, by adversary with 21 than 19 changeover. To Chinese badminton, a phase is existing all the time a common fault: Open competition achievement is good, but arrive contest of Asia Game, world bright and beautiful, Olympic Games these contests, show can appear very big rise and fall. Devoid stability, psychology is impatient, crucial ball error is frequent, making Chinese badminton player's collective soft costal region it seems that.

Why can appear such problem, make a person incomprehensible really. But have a bit very apparent, chinese feather team never resembles there is so much now " star " byname, of Cong Lindan " super red " , close to Lin Dan, Xie Xingfang say " associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct " , arrive again Cai 赟 / of Fu Haifeng " wind and cloud " , these byname are honest very bluff person. But also stop only at bluff person just.

So called " super red " the victim that often becomes super big an unexpected winner, athenian Olympic Games the first round be fallen into disuse to go out bureau, although all the year round the world is ranked the first, and the champion that took countless open competition, nevertheless so far best achievement is nevertheless champion of one Ci Shijin contest was taken 2006; "Associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct " the Xie Xingfang of small Long Nv in, 2006 contest of world bright and beautiful carries off after female Chan Guanjun, the trend that condition drops is very clear, although head dummy changes,will change, but the bad military successes that comes nearly one year is changed without what however. Current generation bright and beautiful contest, it is go no further more at 16 strong, be defeated by Huang Miaozhu two dishes of matches, was to create more 10 than 21, 8 than of 21 infrequent small fraction.

In group of domestic other sport, male, sportswoman talks about love is by public proclamation illicit, but in badminton team, at least with respect to Lin Dan, Xie Xingfang, was to get approbating is encouraged even. Should say, chinese sports has the milk of human kindness more and more, but premise is, the athlete cannot love to affect result because of Tan Lian. This kind of influence has how old, leave final conclusion hard now, this kind of influence is existence is in at least nevertheless in the match. This him Lin Dan also admits " I am in a field, she is in 4, although I watch the show that is less than her when the match, but the hurrah of full field audience tells me, xie Xingfang situation is very bad. Have paragraph of time I am a bit abstracted, be chased after a few times to make the same score by adversary so, still exceeded score instead even. Still exceeded score instead even..
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