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Chinese badminton is brilliant show the peril rear one big obstacle or influence
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The safest female double became the item that breaks gold exclusively unexpectedly, of Yang Wei of Zhao Tingting / lose a ball, attack broke a myth of Chinese feather team, adumbrative also Chinese feather team is in subsequently Olympic Games of a year prepares for war in absolutely won't plain sailing.

In what Chengdu rings down the curtain Chinese badminton Great Master was surpassed 2007 a few days ago, as the international before world bright and beautiful was surpassed in August feather integral of last world contest and Beijing Olympic Games surpasses altar and get great majority feather the attention of altar ace, the Chinese line that holds Amphitryon dominant position one branch alone beautiful, 4 champion and two second place were taken in 5 individual matches.

But in Chinese traditional advantage on female double project, chinese team encountered slippery iron Lu however, the champion unexpectedly of this project is carried off by a pair of Indonesian players. Li Yongbo of total coach of Chinese feather team is being adjusted at personnel with female double combination in as the explanation, but he also admits: "Look from present circumstance, without the champion of any project we can be taken with very preponderance. Without the champion of any project we can be taken with very preponderance..

Be in international feather altar, chinese team holds a dominant position for a long time on woman project, especially female double. According to Li Yongbo's analysis, chinese daughter double international feather altar has very preponderance place, come for years, not only female double Olympic Games gold basically is undertaken the whole thing by Chinese team, on match of a few great international, female double final often is Chinese player " civil war " . This second match, accidentally drop of Chinese daughter double accident, attack broke Chinese team female pair of indefectible myth. And look in Li Yongbo, female suffer a defeat doubly more remind Chinese band, "Any project was not sure but character. "Any project was not sure but character..

After Athenian Olympic Games, chinese team is in soup blame cup, Su Di on the international organization contest such as graceful cup, undertook the whole thing all champion. In what Gelasige ends graceful cup surpassed Su Di 2007 last month on, 5 matches lose Chinese line only one bureau, carry off with very preponderance champion. Nevertheless, have the Chinese feather team of collective advantage, in mix double, male do not prevail however compared with adversary on the individual event such as double, male single. According to China Tang Xuehua of female team coach introduces, the traditional advantage on female sheet, female double project also is in Chinese team drop. Li Yongbo worries about the earth's surface to show with respect to some during this second Great Master is surpassed, match of Olympic Games badminton is to compare individual event, chinese team has strong opponent on every individual event, some are individual, the competition ability of Chinese team is not the strongest even.
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