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Liaoning team coach: Without physical ability advantage have no way mentions Zha
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In corridor of kuala lumpur gymnasium, zhang Ning sits down according to the wall alone, tear open the thick gauze on next knee, ankle. Yesterday afternoon, semifinals 0 than the 2 king morning that lose line of Chinese Hong Kong, without the predestined relationship current champion, zhang Ning did not cry, she is shallow laughing to say: "I yearn for the each match champion before retiring, this is very regretful really, after all Wang Chen is a very good match, I also endeavored... "

Before semifinals, zhang Ning is hit downwindly downstream, semifinals encounters morning of king of champion of old rival, many haing Asia Game, zhang Ning is in a bureau with 11 after losing than 21 big score, maintain one's composure the ground continues to throw the race, and Wang Chen of 31 years old is in the 2nd bureau 4 fall than 11 backward circumstances, will big score exceeds instead, final Zhang Ning with 15 than 21 lose one bureau again, completed oneself world cloudily bright and beautiful contest leaves show.

After contest, zhang Ning was not his failure to become overmuch explanation, just smile shallowly. Wang Bin of total coach of Liaoning feather team says to reporter analysis: "Zhang Ning also has been defeated by Wang Chen previously, but overall for, piece of Ning Zhanyou still is in the military successes of two people. They are seasoned veteran, especially Zhang Ning was hit this is planted now degree, ability tactics and experience affirmation do not have a problem, the key depends on physical ability, have physical ability ability to have power, ability has rate, and without physical ability, zhang Ning's force and speed advantage were mentioned with respect to have no way. " Wang Bin offers to say to Zhang Ning: "Place state of mind, treat the game with common heart, give oneself a few time more make a system, restore to train, compensatory physical ability. So I dare assure, olympic Games champion still is Zhang Ning, present regret can be made up for came back! Present regret can be made up for came back!!

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