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Afp: ? of of miscellaneous Pan Ping mixes cut of the channel that be worth ぱ d
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On August 18 afternoon, lin Dan of world rank first is alive Bao Chun of teammate of the conquer on semifinal of bright and beautiful contest comes, hit world bright and beautiful the 3rd times to surpass finals continuously, come on the stage in him nevertheless before the match, his teammate Zhang Ning suffers a defeat in female odd semifinal however, without the final with ultimate reason.

The comment after Afp surpasses says in the article: Today's expression makes Lin Dan life Wei, in the sound of boost the morale of of full-court fan, lin Dan with overwhelming advantage 2 than 0 beat teammate Bao Chun to be hit into the final that will undertake tomorrow. In finals, lin Dan will face Suo Ni of 2 male singles, he is in semifinals changeover 2 than 1 beat Chen Yu of another Chinese player.

All alone Buddhist nun says after contest: "The final with Lin Dan is sure tomorrow special and difficult, nevertheless this is the best opportunity that I gain world bright and beautiful to surpass champion, I won't abandon. " in the match before, suo Ni ever beat player of old horse number one continuously Gai De of Li Zongwei and Danish famous general.

Seed of match number one, chinese daughter is Zhang Ning on semifinals 0 than 2 not enemy Wang Chen of player of Chinese Hong Kong, ended era of him last time the brigade of bright and beautiful contest. She says after contest: "This is world of my last time bright and beautiful contest, although did not enter finals, but can win medal I had felt very satisfactory. But can win medal I had felt very satisfactory..

It is the most intense today that two mix double semifinal, the result is in two imprint in field in big fight, two countries player has a pair of combination laugh to arrive each finally, zheng Bo / tall 崚 2 enter finals than 1 conquer adversary, another pair of China mix double Xie Zhongbo / Zhang Yawen was defeated by Weidiantuo / Naxier.

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