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Afp: Super red makes a person awe-stricken gain the championship for the world b
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In what Chinese Chengdu holds game of Chinese badminton master became an add of ball national champion to keep brilliant testimony land 2007. The national champion of a powerful army captures 4 gold in 5 projects, show a ball the wind of the first powerful nation model. Afp also is written language is right the expression of Chinese feather team was done comment on, and the key mentioned Lin Dan's victory. Say in the article: The Huangzeng of player of Malaysia of super red sweep anything away that makes a person awe-stricken writings brush, successful Wei Mian added the badminton life that this also holds in next month for him in bright and beautiful contest very great faith.

The restricted adversary attack that changeful placement success uses in the match that seminal forest red is in world number one to writing brush with Huangzeng, malaysia veteran Huang Zenghan of 30 years old is returning the can tenacious offensive that keeps out Lin Dan at first, but become in two individual battle 16 after making the same score, lin Dan shows the actual strength that ability prepares high in the contention of the spherule before the net, and gained a victory of the bureau. Huang Zenghan of the 2nd bureau encountered a bureau like nightmare, he lags behind at Lin Dan with 0-8 big score, and be defeated very quickly in the 2nd bureau fall blast come. 2002 head after seizing champion, huang Zenghan is sent look at be in China the 2nd times champion of encroach on male single, but his hope is broken into pieces flintily very quickly by Lin Dan. After winning Chinese badminton Great Master to surpass champion, lin Dan responded to Su Di with the action not just the outside after graceful cup suffers a defeat plays a ball game to him the criticism that lacks passion, also be coming world bright and beautiful contest strengthened confidence.

Female odd final undertakes between Zhang Ning and Xie Xingfang, final Xie Xingfang wins last victory with 2-1. Male in double match, 赟 of Chinese player Cai / Fu Haifeng 2-0 beats adversary to gain the championship.

Indonesian combination Naxier / Ma Li Sa is Indonesian redeemed some of face, be in female in double match, they beat China to combine Yang Wei / Zhao Tingting, broke Chinese feather team into pieces to undertake the whole thing the fond dream of 5 projects champion. In mixing double competition, china of world rank tertiary combines tall 崚 / Zheng Bo beat England combination to win championship.

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