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Hong Gang: The more than champion that Lin Dan harvests is Indonesian China of f
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On the contest of Chinese badminton Great Master that just ends, chinese team wins 4 championship, the life that will begin for shortly obtains beautiful accomplishment on bright and beautiful contest the help is very great, especially morale and confidence. Besides, also obtained the information of a few main rival.

A ball with the greatest value is the semifinal of Li Zongwei of Lin Dan conquer. Li Zongwei just gets the better of Lin Dan in Su Beizhan, overcome Tao Fei in quarterfinal force again, morale, condition beautiful, and in comprehensive, speed on the foundation with fast, exquisite technology, his forehand is broken off reduce the weapon that has made have menace very much, the level has apparent promotion it seems that. Lin Dan is faced with revive the enormous pressure since the cup, it is average game originally, but if suffer a defeat again, public opinion suspects to his and criticism can upgrade further, so, be said just like him himself, can withstand advocate the pressure that fight, it is the biggest gains.

Although Li Zongwei suffers a defeat this, but can see final phase did not take his match to go all out with all one's strength. Contest of world bright and beautiful will be him advocate, the bound can use the Malaysia badminton that did not obtain beautiful accomplishment for years certainly this rare opportunity, for the winning environment with male single and male double best creation. So, the road of Lin Dan's Wei Mian still won't relaxed, he and the opportunity of the contented humble gram, person such as Li Zongwei are remained equal.

Chinese team this the first person selected of each projects shows the game better position, this also is a good news. For instance male double Fu Cai is combined, continueing they are close the ace wind that a few months come to. Although there is Indonesian team to take part in the match only in main rival, but the form of two people need not suspect. Will look through match of much recently field, before they compare a few years more comprehensive, especially when score is backward, bite so that live to also be defended so that live, and have idea cast off passivity, turn round a situation. Those who need vigilance is their current condition can maintain how long, it is the word of the target with the Olympic Games, how should master. Because adversary of male now dual high level is very much, condition has a bit drop, achievement maintains hard.

This the Great Master is surpassed, besides male double besides, what high level player comes is very much, also reflect the condition that gives a few opponent, for instance Li Zongwei, Tao Fei is overcome, of England mix double also develop pretty good. Indonesian Malisha, Naxier carries off female Shuang Guanjun, more alive China gives the group before bright and beautiful contest with caution.
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