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Guo Yu loses golden incident to show the end in team of China of 0 gold declare
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Yesterday, philippine badminton surpasses all contests that ended 5 individual event publicly, chinese team fails to win a gold. This also is Chinese feather team go up in international competition ground first since Japan was surpassed publicly 2004 experience " 0 gold " awkward.

To prepare for war adequately world bright and beautiful is surpassed, chinese team this did not expedite brunt of all a gleam of to drive go to Philippine take part in the match, in list of go out for a battle, bao Chun of ace of only male single comes, Yang Wei of female double combination / Guo Zhendong of Zhao Tingting, male double combination / 5 people had attended Xie Zhongbo the Su Di this year graceful cup, the young player of second line held the half of country of Chinese team almost. Examine of the mothball player actual strength that this second match also is perceived to be pair of China teams, regrettablly the young general of Chinese team people performance is not quite satisfactory.

Bao Chun comes in the male single the 3rd round in go out ahead of schedule bureau, the Chen Hong that takes part in the match with individual name also is in finals 0 ∶ 2 not enemy Li Zongwei; Female one-sided, brilliant of bright red brilliant 0 ∶ 2 not enemy Zhou Mi of player of Chinese Hong Kong, win silver medal; Tian Qing of female double young combination / Pan is climbed in the 0 ∶ in finals 2 be defeated by Chinese Taipei to combine Jian Yujin / Cheng Wenxin; And Xie Zhongbo / Guo Zhendong falls in the situation that precedes for two times by the Gu Jianjie of Malaysia / Chen Wenhong changeover, miss champion.

The disastrous defeat of young player makes people right of Beijing Olympic Games prepare for war feel afraid, and the personage inside a few course of study more express to groom to basic level of the respect anxious: Although China has the badminton fan of nearly 70 million, but major grooms begin not well however, of group of this pair of nations chose ability to cause immediate effect. A few professional personages express: "Each province teams are very difficult now. Do not be afraid of everybody jest, we still are in plan system to fall at present, to how should developing later, we still are fumbling. We still are fumbling..

If say national group is representing the high end of Chinese badminton, so each place team is medium upright, they are loading the mission that carries a talented person for national group, play game of each whole nation even at the same time. But even if countrywide tounament such high standards match, make inquires of rare also fan. Professional personage says to reporter forced smile: "The person that likes badminton sport is very much, but everybody prefers to amuse oneself. But everybody prefers to amuse oneself..

In fact, although Chinese feather team is alive,the bound picks Jin Duoyin on each contest, but the development of local feather team is faced with the awkwardness that is afterwards hard however. The income of the coach of each place team and team member is very few now, although acquire national champion stake,also have thousands of yuan only. On the other hand, the market appeal force of badminton is very poor also, contest of a lot of badminton attracts a sponsor very hard, domestic match is accordingly very few. Amateur tournament is fewer, the whole nation also has the spare ace dual meet that shapes quite with respect to Guangdong. Because lack necessary competition and choose mechanism, badminton athlete of China begins education as a child almost, arrive from basic level in carry this phase to lack necessary competitive system, this was brought about in end occurrence talent breaks archives, the level that player and national group carry in is far apart. Senior personage tells one badminton bound the reporter: "Want to solve these problems, must expand the market, must change everybody's intention, not just carelessly builds league matches of a so called profession to be able to be solved. Not just carelessly builds league matches of a so called profession to be able to be solved..
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