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The Great Master surpasses overview: National champion of 4 gold unpleasant atta
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In what Chinese Chengdu holds Chinese badminton Great Master was surpassed 2007, become an add of ball national champion to keep brilliant testimony land. The national champion of a powerful army captures 4 gold in 5 projects, show a ball the wind of the first powerful nation model. Those who face a Chinese is strong, many Ou Ya ace that live in crack also not common expression, the antagonism with a stirring field brings unprecedented attention to spend to this burgeoning match with consequence.

Before the level exceeds two

Before mixing two same, amphitryon makes the game the biggest win the home. Although Chinese player is ultimate the situation of continuance hide the truth from the masses, but can suspect without the person, the integral level that current Great Master surpasses is throughout history is highest.

Chinese master game establishs 2005, although total stake forehead is all along rich and generous, but because be born,slant to did not cause each country ace to take seriously late. The Chinese master game this year is brought into world feather couplet is new the super contest alignment that roll out, be labelled at the same time Olympic Games integral is surpassed, this two big factors very naturally attracted numerous and top ace, did not send a team to take part in the match except Korea, old horse and Denmark are individual doubles ace fails to go to outside the meeting, other past master all gathers Chengdu. Before singles of male and female 10 seeds are all and present, include to make public contest to most international all along even not quite the Tao Fei of the cold is overcome. Integral level forces continuously complete flower the traditional sex match such as open competition, China open competition.

Match ace can be born like cloud nature an a lot of heat, lin Dan of male single competition ground and Tao Fei overcome this to be opposite old " enemy " although fail to meet, the battle of summit of these 3 summits attracted Lin Dan of Li Zongwei of PK of gram of Gai De of PK of Dan Taofei gram, Tao Fei, Li Zongwei PK likewise numerous audience. Resemble Xie Peiyan of the Xie Xingfang of Zhang Ning PK of female sheet, Xie Xingfang PK additionally, male double Cai 赟 / Ma Jisi of Fu Haifeng PK / Hengdela, female double Yang Wei / Zhao Tingting PK Naxier / Malisha, mix double Zheng Bo / Luo Busen of Gao Ling PK / the super antagonism match such as Aimusi all brought many people to enrage to the match.

A wonderful match cannot lack an unexpected winner this one spice, chengdu Great Master surpasses the breeding ground that is an unexpected winner of be pregnant with. Like player of polish male single tile is checked kill alone into 4 strong, final of male single of body of ascend of unexpectedly of writing of yellow put together of old horse veteran, indonesian female double Naxier / Malisa breaks through Chinese daughter double camp to wait a moment, these matches all surpass the one screen that added many afford for thought for the Great Master.
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