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Chengdu daily: Is European type small who will defeat predicament of Jie Yu ball
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Game of master of badminton of China of Sino-British person life is in ground of Chengdu like a raging fire to undertake, because this match is international feather couplet 12 stations are super the one station of contest, also be contest of Olympic Games integral at the same time, accordingly each team takes seriously very much, expedite ace in succession, contented humble gram, Li Zongwei, Gai De... let last this the match of a week is lively and extraordinary. But the backside in prosperity, it is the crisis of deep administrative levels that badminton lives however: Pull greatly as the big package of Chinese feather team, "What badminton still exists on the Olympic Games is necessary " aroused very big controversy, still need not be anxious 2008, but 2012 Where is London Olympic Games?

Badminton campaign is the earliest traceable Europe, 80 time present the century for a time on a situation of Ou Ya opposed, enter however on century 90 time, the flying development of Asian badminton makes the centre of gravity of this motion appears deflection, till today already is of the Asia " monodrama " . This also lets the meaning that badminton movement occurs in the Olympic Games begin to suffer doubt. To this, domestic feather altar a lot of a man of insight think, china bears the responsibility that has badminton big state should cogently, weigh the competition ability that model badminton moves this and appeal force. But the big country that mere China loads a badminton to develop responsibility, be popularized to the world and popularize badminton to you can make badminton motion alive is the trend inside bound limits flourishing? This is a bewildering topic. Pass a week interview investigation, the reporter understands, should make badminton trend brilliant, again coruscate glamour, chinese one-sided can be not finished. This one process still needs the harmony of many sided, if ask merely duty Chinese badminton bound, chinese of prep only by is popularized hard and perhaps popularize this motion, passing finally is carry pole with its load of have one's head shaved is heated up directly...

Beyond Asia of awkward current situation nearly desert

Contest of world bright and beautiful is the match with badminton the most significant movement, the audience total number that the game watchs during allegedly world bright and beautiful is surpassed reachs 80 million person, but it is Asian for the most part, and among them 70 million it is a Chinese -- that is to say, euramerican area watchs badminton world the 1/10 that the audience of bright and beautiful contest still is less than audience total number, and and other places of South America, Africa is unmanned make inquires more.

Look from viewing rate, badminton motion is the foundling of beauty of great majority Europe, and the desert that South America, Africa is badminton development more. These places hardly what person likes badminton sport, more person of it doesn't matter is willing to become a professional. The Yao Jie of Holand team says: "A lot of foreigners want to play the game far from now, because match stake is very small, hit into the first round of ability 300 dollars money award, other people of this bit of money is essential not rare. Badminton seeks assistance in Europe very not easy, because I help Holand team had carried off cup of badminton Europe champion, the assistance that just acquired business of a beverage so... "
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